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The Chase Golf Club : History

Chase Golf Club - A Brief History

It all started in 1982 when Howard Birley, an Englishman, took up the game of golf and in order to play regularly asked some of the lads in the Chase bar to start a club.

We put out feelers and had a good response, so we had a meeting and set-up a committee comprising of Captain: H Birley, Secretary: D Smith, Treasurer: J Morrison, and ordinary members J Kelly and B Christie. Also present at the meeting were R Rowan, W Sloan, T Lynch, and J McWilliams.

It was decided to play at Dalmilling golf course on Sunday morning.

We had our first outing to Dougalston Golf Club, but it was a very difficult course, and as a result we managed to lose 168 balls between the 22 players who attended. J Morrison won the sweep that day losing a mere 14 balls.

In the next couple of years the club grew to a membership of between 24 and 28. Then due to the influence of R Pinkereton, W Robertson, and J Duncan we became affiliated to the S.G.U. in the 1986-87 season. This meant we had to have home course, and applied to the council and were subsequently allocated Seafield Golf Course.

J. Kelly

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